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Your next step in publishing is now online

It’s simple. Existing editorial systems weren’t built for a rapidly evolving, multichannel world. Outdated WYSIWYG editors and static data models are too constrained and unable to quickly respond to your changing needs.

Take your next step with NewsEditPro™ and see what a truly agile system can do for you today...and tomorrow!



• Semantic Editor – gives your content creators freedom to work at the semantic level. Writers aren’t overburdened with styling conventions – channel endpoints worry about the presentation. A perfect solution for creating content for a multichannel world.

• Hosted as a Service – we worry about scalability, redundancy and recovery so you can focus on what you do best.

• Web-based Interface – no desktop client required.

• Extensible Metadata – your specific requirements define the data model. When every field is custom, the metadata will always match your needs.

• Intuitive search interface – browse your assets interactively in a streamlined interface.

• Streamlined Relationships – relationships are too important to hide in another window. Easily view and define relationships from every screen.

• Free-form Tagging – flexible classifications allow for meaningful content presentation and exploration.

• Meaningful Asset Types – each asset type has its own workflow, elements and custom data model.  No more one-size-fits all. User groups are free to share data while working with a system tailored to their needs.

• Multi-channel Automation – quickly and easily export content to the Web, social media sites, mobile, and more.

• Print Channel Plug-ins – easy-to-use, streamlined palettes, and tightly integrated

• Asset Commenting – easily add notes and messages to items for ease of collaboration.

• Watched Assets – easily track and organize important assets.